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Color Guard of the Armed Forces of the United States of America If you are thinking of filing a VA disability claim or you have filed a disability claim that has been denied you have come to the right place. If you are just getting started you need to arm yourself with information and guidance from an experience team. Call us at (877) 864-2348 and let us explain to you what your first steps should be with the right information you can shorten the time and effort you will put in filing your claim. 71% of VA disability claims are denied by Veterans Affairs Regional Offices s just due to errors in processing If you have gone through the long tedious process of documenting, filing and waiting the months or years just to receive a letter of denial DON’T GET MAD. Get focused on your mission and the skilled personnel that you need to accomplish your objective First thing you will need is VA certified Veterans Disability Lawyer, like the ones at this firm. If you thought it was difficult filing your initial claim filing, the appeal process can take even longer and really wear you down with documents and filings You also have limited time at each step. You will be rushing to get papers filed only wait weeks and month s for a response. Make sure you are working with a team like the VA certified Veterans Disability Lawyers at Martin, Jones, & Piemonte. They are compassionate, patience people who are meticulous and highly skilled and experienced in getting positive results for their disability clients. They have a handled some of the most difficult cases and broken new ground gaining high praise from the Board of Veterans Appeals Law Judges. We realize it hard to tell, what it is like to work with us or who we are and what we can do for you from a bunch of credentials, so we have included reviews from past clients. Both those that were left on our website and those that were left on other review websites. So give us a call or fill out the consultation request form for a no cost no obligation consultation on your case. Do it now or as soon as you can! Remember the clock is running on your appeal!

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