Attorney Barrett Morris at the Piemonte Law Firm is an experienced Guardian Ad Litem. Guardian Ad Litems are common in incompetency matters. A Guardian Ad Litem is appointed by the court when a child with special needs is about to turn 18 or a loved one is beginning to show signs of mental illness and is unable to make decisions regarding their person or property. The Guardian Ad Litem works to protect the interests of the individual and make a recommendation to the court regarding guardianship.

Typically, a guardian is a family member, or friend. The guardian applies for guardianship over the protect person through the court. The protected person, also known as the ward, is a person who can no longer make decisions regarding their person or property. There are two types of guardianship: guardianship of the person and guardianship of the estate.

If your loved one is unable to make decisions for themselves, the Piemonte Law Firm can help guide you in the right direction and provide representation in these complicated proceedings.

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