Dealing with the Veterans Administration

When it comes to dealing with the Veterans Administration (VA), Piemonte Law Firm has the experience and knowledge you’re looking for. If your disability claim is denied or rejected, our lawyer can help you collect the necessary information to proceed with an appeal, including

  • Evidence you are genuinely disabled
  • Evidence of trauma (injury or illness) during your service
  • Evidence that your current disability and the military-service-related trauma or incident are connected

In order to make the most out of an appeal process, it is vital that you establish a link between your current disablement and your earlier injury. Fortunately, our attorney is trained to review your work and medical history with extreme diligence and strategy.

Unlike many large firms where the attorney does not meet with a client until minutes before the actual Veterans Administration hearing, Piemonte Law Firm ensures that you will work closely with your advocate during the entire process, from the application to the hearing. This personal approach makes for a better case and happier clients.

VA Appeals Process

At the Piemonte Law Firm, we approach the Veterans Administration appeals process with care, strategy and a keen attention to detail. To start, we help to compile a detailed documentation of your case, which we then present to the administrative law judge at the Veterans Administration appeals hearing. In every case, the Piemonte Law Firm combines extensive courtroom experience and profound knowledge of Social Security Disability Law. Our clients can relax in the knowledge of our team’s prestigious reputation.

At Piemonte Law Firm, we thoroughly prepare before representing any client by spending quality time with them, getting acquainted before the hearing. During this time, we inform our clients about the upcoming process and prepare them for questions they may have to answer during the hearing. We will also collect all necessary documentation and information needed to support our client’s claims.

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