Proving Individual Unemployability

If you can prove that your military-service-related disability prevents you from working, the Department of Veterans Affairs entitles you to a 100% disability rating. No matter what previous rating the VA has awarded you, if you are unable to work, we encourage you to contact an experienced military disability and unemployability benefits lawyer.

Thanks to the expert testimony of vocational and medical professionals, our clients enjoy a high percentage of success in winning appeals cases. Because the VA is trying to build a case for denial, they do not typically ask vocational experts to testify.

Individual Unemployability Lawyer

The Piemonte Law Firm has extensive experience in adjusting North Carolina veterans disability ratings so they can obtain benefits when they are unemployable. In an administrative hearing where we will appeal the denial of your veterans disability claim, we practice aggressive advocacy that gets results.

When chronic disability makes a veteran unemployable, we strive for a designation of “individual unemployability,” which lets veterans bypass the standard process of obtaining a 100% disability rating.

Some of our clients collect not only veterans but also Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) and/or workers’ compensation benefits, depending on the individual scenario. Let us evaluate your case and see if you fit the criteria for individual unemployability.

Pursue the Benefits You Need and Deserve

As we advise you on the best paths towards full disability compensation, our goal is to help you achieve the unemployability benefits package you deserve.

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