The Four Step Veterans Disability Claim Process

The process for receiving veterans’ disability is a long, confusing procedure. It can be easy for new applicants to become overwhelmed and discouraged – but they don’t have to be. When you take advantage of the professional skills and experienced knowledge of a successful benefits attorney, you can more readily and accurately navigate through this unfamiliar terrain.

Here is a basic simplified overview of the entire process:

Stage 1 – Submitting forms for approval

Submit an application for compensation then fill out the forms the VA office sends you. After you have made you request, the VA will examine your military records and may ask you to undergo a physical examination. Once the VA has received your application information, they will send you a form indicating whether or not you have been approved or denied for veterans disability benefits.

Stage 2 – First stage denial process, options & appeal

If you are initially denied benefits or receive a lower rating than you deserve, you have the option to file a “Notice of Disagreement” within one year of your application. Once you have filed the notice, you will receive a “Statement of the Case” from your local VA office. You can then send any additional medical documentation to your VA office for consideration on appeal. After review of this information, the VA will send you a “Supplemental Statement of the Case.”

Stage 3 – Second stage denial appeal process

If you are again denied at the second stage of the veterans disability process, you may submit your case to the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA). Unless you submit your appeal within 60 days of the second stage denial or within 100 days of your Ratings Decision, your claim will not be considered. A BVA Veterans Law Judge will review your claim and issue a verdict.

Stage 4 – Third stage denial appeal process

You can appeal your veterans disability case to the United States Court of Appeals for veterans claims if you are denied benefits at the third stage. You must file your appeal within 120 days of the BVA denial.

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