Charlotte Veterans Disability Benefits

In order to become eligible for veterans disability, you must meet a list of certain requirements. But what are they?

Although there is some fluidity between cases, basic requirements exist. The VA maintains the same requirements for veterans’ disability benefits in Charlotte, NC for all injury and disease types including neck and back injuries. They include:

  • An injury or disease directly related to active military service
  • An illness or disability currently existing while you are applying for veterans disability benefits
  • A connection between the disability and the incident

Establishing a connection with the client’s back or neck pain and the term of military service is the most difficult part of any case. However, Piemonte Law Firm leverages every bit of skill and experience to get you the benefits you need and deserve.

Note that only recipients of an honorable or general military discharge are eligible for benefits. People who leave the military with a dishonorable discharge do not qualify.

If my veterans disability claim is denied, can I still receive benefits?

If you have filed for a veterans disability claim and it is denied, there is still hope for you to receive benefits. The Piemonte Law Firm can assist you with the appeals process.

If I receive SSD benefits or workers’ compensation, can I still apply fo verterans disability benefits?

Often times, yes. Although collecting veterans’ benefits, SSD and workers compensation is a complicated process, it is possible. Fortunately, our attorney is highly familiar with the system and can assist you in collecting all the benefits you deserve.

Fees for veterans disability cases

Here is how are fees are determined and paid:

Free Initial Consultation - Whether you hire us or not, your initial veterans disability consultation with our experienced disability attorney costs nothing.

Contingency Fee – You are charged nothing until we actually obtain your veterans disability benefits.

A Reasonable Percentage – Once we are successful in obtaining your benefits, we charge you only 20% of back benefits. This percentage is considerably lower than other firms.

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