Disability for Veterans with Breathing Problems and/or Lung Disease

Lung cancer and other breathing problems or lung diseases can severely inhibit a person’s ability to function. If you are suffering from one of these conditions, the effects of incomplete lung capacity can be debilitating. Your body may not even be able to secure enough oxygen for walking or talking.

Our firm assists many veteran clients in obtaining lung-cancer benefits, and these are some of the most frequent cancer causes we see:

  • Agent Orange exposure
  • Asbestos exposure
  • Radiation exposure

Lung injury is very easy to prove in a veterans disability claim. The difficulty lies in proving that your condition is directly related to your military service. If you collaborate with skilled advocates who use evidence to draw a clear correlation between your time in the service and your current disability, you are much more likely to receive veterans benefits.

At The Piemonte Law Firm, our attorney is adept in proving veterans lung injury claims. We study your medical record and craft a convincing narrative that draws on evidence to prove a connection between your years in the service and your lung injury/disease.

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