How We Determine Our Attorney Fees

Inflated lawyer fees can sometimes intimidate disabled veterans, causing them to avoid or abandon the appeals process all together. At Piemonte Law Firm, we make sure our potential clients understand our fee system and are reassured about what it involves. This way, we can maintain a more fluid relationship with no gimmicks or hidden doors. Everything is out in the open for explanation and understanding.

We do not charge our clients anything until the VA has issued a decision on your claim and you have filed a notice of disagreement. In addition, there is zero charge for an initial consultation for our potential clients, regardless of whether or not you retain our services or walk away from them with nothing more than valuable information. Also, we will charge you nothing while we prepare and present your case to the appeals court.

For our clients who win their appeal and receive retroactive benefits, we will charge 20% of that amount. The VA will automatically take this amount out of the past-due benefit money. If you do not win your case, you are charged nothing. Compared to other law firms, 20% is a conservative amount and is often lower than average. This way, we can better reduce the amount of financial strain on our clients.

Pursue The Legal Compensation You Deserve, In Charlotte

As one of North Carolina’s premier legal firms for veterans disability claims, the Piemonte Law Firm exemplifies strong communication skills and prompt responses for all clients. In addition, we recognize the rarity of a professional law firm that offers real, individually tailored interaction. Our extensive background in injury and disability claims includes personal injury, social Security Disability (SSD) claims and workers’ compensation.

At Piemonte Law Firm, we strive to offer every client a successful appeals case by making sure that they receive all entitled benefits. Contact Piemonte Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation and preliminary case review with an experienced Charlotte, NC veterans disability lawyer.

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