What to do when your veterans disability claim is denied

If your benefits application or appeal has been denied or if you have received a lower rating than you deserve, it is wise to consider legal counsel. Piemonte Law Firm has proudly assisted many North Carolina veterans who have been impacted by their military service in a daily capacity of life and work. You shouldn’t let a denied claim slow you down when it comes to getting the benefits you need. There is still hope!

Though man disabled veteran clients are able to work, it is important to note that their disabilities severely limit their options and earning potential. To counter that, we strive to obtain higher benefit ratings for our clients.

Denied Claim Disability Lawyer

An experienced disability attorney can help you overturn a denied claim or underrated benefits claim—in many cases, securing a much higher rating for you. If you choose The Piemonte Law Firm to represent you, our plan will include many of the following elements:

We will solicit information that strengthens your case from vocational experts and medical specialists.

We will access your VA file, examining official records to help solidify when key events occurred. If your records contain relevant clues like records of accidents, injuries, or doctors’ reports, your chances of achieving a higher disability rating increase (if the VA denies that any illness or trauma occurred during your term of service, we can often prove otherwise). We may find evidence of an event that triggered traumatic brain injury (TBI) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We will collect evidence proving that your condition renders you unable to work or severely underemployed.

We will talk you through the evidence and the details of the denied claim case so that you will be prepared for common questions during your hearing.

As your legal advocate, we focus on helping you, providing the best possible care, advice, and assistance. Your job is to work with us and the medical professionals involved, helping us build a strong case for your denied benefit appeal.

Pursue Your Right to Disability Benefits

We will direct you on the most likely route to a successful denied claim appeal case. Our goal is to assist you in obtaining all your entitled benefits. Note: our lawyer also handles SSDI and SSI cases for clients who will be incapacitated for a year or more.

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