Disability for Loss of Limb/Amputation

The amputation or loss of a limb may have ongoing aftereffects for years after the initial trauma. Even a partial amputation can cause atrophying of the surrounding muscles and tissue. Even if a limb is not amputated, service members may sustain such damage that the limb becomes useless. Muscle tissue atrophies in this case, too.

If your military service has caused you to lose a limb or the functionality of a limb, our law firm will help you secure the veterans disability benefits you deserve.

The Piemonte Law Firm’s North Carolina disability lawyer is widely experienced in VA procedures and policies. For years, we have fought for veterans disability rights, and we know the best ways to highlight the impact of your injury.

Often, the VA Misses the Full Scope of an Injury

Aside from the purely physical issues of functionality and muscle atrophy, amputation or loss of a limb may trigger severe mental health issues. After an individual has experienced such a life-altering event, serious depression or post-traumatic stress disorder can also impede functionality. Severe PTSD can adversely affect your ability to find and maintain a job.

The team at The Piemonte Law Firm will take the full scope of your injury into consideration when presenting your case to the VA.

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