Service-Related Accident Disability

Are you wondering whether your accident qualifies as service related? Interestingly, the nature and circumstances of the accident do not matter as long as the trauma occurred during your term of military service. A bomb explosion, car accident, slip and fall, or sports mishaps are still considered service related as long as the trauma occurred during the period of your service in the Marines, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, or Air Force.

Service-Related Accident Lawyer

Even a sports accident that occurred on vacation falls under the “service-related” category as long as it happened during your enlistment.

When veterans attempt to utilize the veterans disability benefits they are entitled to, they often find the process confusing and full of pitfalls. At The Piemonte Law Firm, we help injured and disabled clients—both veterans and civilians—obtain the financial assistance they need. Our deep experience ensures that our clients have the best possible chance of obtaining maximum disability benefits.

While you may already be receiving benefits, you may not realize you are entitled to additional funds, depending on your type of service-related accident, injury, or disability.

Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and let us conduct a preliminary analysis of your military service-related accident. The Piemonte Law Firm’s clients often thank us for the way our personalized legal services have changed their lives. We look forward to hearing your story and making the best recommendations for you.

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As we advise you on the best paths toward full disability compensation, our goal is to help you achieve the service-related accident benefits package you deserve.

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