Choose Piemonte Law Firm for Social Security Disability Claims

We carefully guide North and South Carolinians through the benefits claims and appeals process, helping them overcome the disability claims process and move on with their lives.

Social Security Disability Claims

While North Carolina has many well-qualified Social Security law firms, clients with denied-claims cases choose Piemonte for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

  • Clients know that our local law firm tailors services specifically to each person’s unique social security disability case.
  • Clients know that our social security disability attorney and accredited representatives will take the time to interact personally with them.
  • Clients benefit from our extensive preparation for administrative hearings as we get thoroughly acquainted with them and their cases.
  • Clients realize that larger law firms would be less focused on the client’s personal wellbeing.
  • Clients are relieved that The Piemonte Law Firm never sells their cases to other law firms, but retains complete interest in their claims and appeals.
  • Clients are impressed by the way we navigate over 1 million pages of Social Security Disability law to provide knowledgeable, detailed solutions for tough denied-claims cases.
  • Clients relax, knowing that we are committed to staying up-to-date on process changes, rules, regulations, and organizational changes.
  • Clients appreciate our team’s continuing education focus as we plan, teach, and participate in CLE (continuing legal education) seminars, staying informed about all aspects of disability law.

Achieve Your Optimum Social Security Disability Benefits

Let Piemonte Law Firm in Charlotte, NC help you qualify for disability and recover the benefits you need. We are experts in guiding you through the complicated process of a successful SSDI benefits appeal or claim.

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