Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Disability

Here at The Piemonte Law Firm, our Charlotte, NC social security disability lawyer and accredited disability representatives are ready to help you with all of your North Carolina Social Security Disability (SSD) and Social Security Administration (SSA) difficulties. Here are a few of the most common questions we are asked:

Can you help me with an application?

Yes. Because of our extensive social security disability lawyer experience, our firm is ideally positioned to help you file your SSDI or SSI application.

How do I know if I qualify for Social Security benefits?

Though there is a wide spectrum of conditions that can be considered potentially eligible, it is difficult to predict who is eligible for benefits. A better question might be, “Do you think you are disabled?” If your sickness or injury has impacted your life to such an extent that you can no longer work or enjoy life, you should probably pursue disability benefits.

What if I apply for Social Security benefits and my application is denied?

Most initial applications are denied, but don’t give up hope! You still have a very good chance for potential benefits. Often, denied claimants qualify for disability via the appeals process. Though the procedure for determining claim validity is complicated, our experienced lawyer and accredited disability representatives will walk you through your available options.

How can a social security disability lawyer or accredited disability representative help?

When people try to prepare their own applications for benefits, they are usually unfamiliar with the process and often make mistakes in submitting information. However, our team has years of experience in presenting medical evidence to the SSA and achieving a “disabled” finding. We can also streamline the post-application process, helping clients with deadlines, filings and hearings. Ask us how we can help you avoid serious errors and delays during the appeals process.

What will happen at my Social Security Disability hearing?

An administrative law judge (ALJ) will schedule a hearing that you and your lawyer/accredited disability representative will attend. Hearings are relatively informal compared with a hearing in a criminal or civil court. This hearing is much less formal than a civil or criminal court arraignment—you will simply be asked to testify about health issues that may define your disability status. Expert vocational or medical witnesses may be called to testify. Expect to wait several weeks after the end of the hearing for a decision.

When should I apply and how long will it take for a decision?

You should apply as soon as your illness prevents you from working any further. There is no reason that you should wait. Though individual times for reaching a decision may vary due to the evidence presented and level of investigation required, you should expect a decision within several months.

Social Security Disability is a tricky subject, but the Piemonte Law Firm has lawyers and legal representatives well trained in Social Security Disability. Contact us today with any additional questions you have about Social Security Disability.

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