Cancer Disability Law

Throughout the last several decades, cancer has become increasingly serious and widespread, ending the lives of countless victims. If the effects of cancer have destroyed your ability to work, Social Security Disability can be a wise choice, enabling you to continue supporting your family. Get information about cancer disability by calling the Piemonte Law Firm in Charlotte or by using the contact form to the right.

Whether you are investigating Social Security Disability, have already applied in Charlotte, NC or have received a denial of benefits letter, we will help you throughout the process. Our team of disability advocates knows how to help you qualify for the assistance you need.

Cancer Disability and SSD Eligibility

Don’t be confused by the many cancer and SSDI and SSI myths you may hear. Here are some of the vital aspects of SSDI and SSI eligibility for cancer victims.

Charlotte, NC Social Security Disability:

No matter what your illness or injury, the SSD definition of “disability” is key. SSD policy states that, to be eligible, you must be disabled and unable to engage in any substantial gainful activity (SGA). Even if your current job pays far less than your former one, if you are still working, you are ineligible for benefits.

Eligibility for veterans:

Often, veterans who receive veterans disability benefits qualify for SSD benefits as well.

After cancer:

For many patients whose cancer has been cured or gone into remission, we have still succeeded in attaining SSDI or SSI benefits because the residual effects of the radiation and chemotherapy treatments can still render the patients disabled.

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