Auto Immune Diseases / AIDS and HIV Disability

AIDS/HIV and other devastating autoimmune diseases destroy the immune system and disable the sufferer. Without a functioning immune system, opportunistic infections run rampant and ordinarily non-threatening diseases can become fatal. Not only do AIDS sufferers experience a constant onslaught of threatening illnesses, they must also take drastic measures to avoid potential infections. If you’ve got questions about AIDS disability or HIV disability, contact the Piemonte Law Firm today.

Treatment does exist for HIV; however, the treatment itself can be destructive to the patient’s health. While treatment for HIV does exist, it may cause devastating side effects. The cocktail of available HIV medicines can cause serious problems for the patient, much like chemotherapy.

AIDS Disability and HIV Disability Benefits

If you are suffering from HIV, IDS, sarcoidosis, or another autoimmune disease, you are a prime candidate for disability benefits. To get the help you need, talk to an experienced disability benefits lawyer as soon as possible.

At The Piemonte Law Firm, our Charlotte, NC disability lawyer (autoimmune diseases/AIDS and HIV) and accredited disability representatives are experts at securing disability benefits for autoimmune disease sufferers.

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