Sexual Assault or Trauma in the Military

It is often very difficult for sexual assault victims in the military to come to terms with their experience. Military personnel know that overcoming obstacles to reach a goal is expected, so they may “tough it out” and fail to report a sexual assault after it occurs. Some people may never report the reason for their sexual trauma at all. While reporting or not reporting is an individual’s choice, it need not impact your right to sexual-assault-related veterans disability benefits.

Sexual Assault

As women take on an expanding role in the military, sexual assault issues emerge more often into the forefront of world events. Women returning constantly from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan may see the matter in a clearer light as they deal with trauma they experienced while serving overseas.

Military sexual trauma can create post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which carries with it a set of potentially devastating symptoms. Sexual-assault-related PTSD negatively affects an individual’s personal and work life in numerous ways.

As a military veteran, you have every right to available disability benefits. Securing benefits for a sexual assault-related case of PTSD may provide you with care that you could not otherwise access.

At The Piemonte Law Firm, our attorney knows how difficult it is to come forward with a sexual assault claim. Our compassionate advocates do everything they can to help our clients feel as comfortable as possible. We have been helping disabled veterans secure the benefits they deserve for years, and we will use that experience to assist you.

What if I Never Reported What Happened to Me?

The VA recognizes that reporting a sexual assault claim may be difficult. We understand how to put together a compelling claim that will clearly depict the trauma you experienced.

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