PTSD and Veterans

Do you or a loved one suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

Service people who experience PTSD may go through one or several of the following stages:

  • The affected person and his or her loved ones may mistakenly identify the problems (such as alcohol or drug abuse) as self induced.
  • As a consequence of prescription drug use, the person may begin abusing drugs.
  • The person may experience depression or suicidal tendencies.
  • The person may undergo in-patient or out-patient psychiatric care.
  • The person may be labeled “bipolar” or some other psychiatric term.
  • The person may be partially or completely unable to work.

Are You a Veteran Unable to Work Because of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

As a last resort, the disabled service person may approach a disability lawyer—an excellent idea. The Piemonte Law Firm offers free initial consultations and takes cases purely on a contingency basis—that is, we will not get paid unless you receive the benefits you are looking for. Get consultation on your PTSD case immediately.

At times, we examine a disabled service person’s medical transcripts and discover some trauma that caused brain injury. For example, the person may have passed out on a concrete sidewalk or been in a motor vehicle accident. Often, an initial recovery is misleading and the victim suffers post-traumatic stress disorder for years afterwards.

Often, post-traumatic stress disorder surfaces after the person’s release from military service. Assuming that we can demonstrate the symptoms began within a year after discharge, we have a strong case for military benefits. In some cases, a client is already receiving some benefits, but needs to upgrade to a plan that more accurately reflects his or her disability.

Pursue the Compensation You Need and Deserve

We encourage you not to blame yourself for experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder after your military service. You deserve help, compassion, and compensation. Our experienced lawyer is ready to advise you about benefits, claims, and appeals as we strive to get you the best compensation possible. Talk to us even if you are already receiving benefits, as we may be able to upgrade your rating. We pursue upgrading current disability plans to achieve the maximum benefits you have earned.

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