Automobile Accidents:

Auto accidents happen every day. A serious car accident may not just damage your vehicle, but may also result in catastrophic injuries, missed work, and expensive hospital bills.

If you have been in an auto accident, there are several things you should do:

  • Call For Help – After the initial shock of the accident, make sure you and any others in the accident are alright. Call the police so they can make a report, and help determine who is liable.
  • Move The Vehicles Off The Road – If the vehicles involved in the accident are blocking the road and causing traffic or unsafe conditions for other motorists, move the vehicles off the road if possible.
  • Collect Information – Gather all the vehicle and contact information from all of the drivers involved in the auto accident.
  • Do Not Admit Fault – Immediately after an accident you may be confused or unaware as to how it really occurred. By not admitting fault at the scene you will avoid making an unintentional admission of fault. Admitting fault may prevent any insurance claim and may be incorrect after a thorough investigation is completed.
  • Find Witnesses – If you can find anyone who witnessed the accident jot down their contact information. A witness’ testimony may be very helpful to your claim.
  • Contact An Auto Accident Lawyer – An experienced auto accident lawyer will be invaluable in assisting you when filing and negotiating your claim against the other driver.
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