Piemonte Law Firm Testimonials

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What Our Clients Say:

"I spent over two years unsuccessfully attempting to resolve and verify my disability claim for my eyesight. It was through a professional reference that I was then put in contact with Mr. Piemonte and his firm. I don’t say this lightly, but that reference completely changed my perspective and outlook on the situation. Beginning in June of 2013, Mr. Piemonte not only communicated with me consistently but also sat with me to write an appeal to the judge. He collected all of my medical information, had the correct testing done by trusted specialists and had my case resolved within a year. The firm thought differently, they treated me as their own and provided a comfortable, timely approach to the process. With their experience and professionalism, they were an absolute pleasure to work with."

"Admiration is a word not thrown around lightly, but after working with the Piemonte Law Firm, it appropriately embodies my appreciation for them. As a VSO myself, I am a daily advocate for Veteran benefits; unfortunately, even I face challenges. After continuous, but futile, attempts to correct my paperwork, I approached the firm for legal assistance. In 15 short months, they have already increased my claim from 40% to 60%... and we’re not done yet. As a retired colonel, I recognize how critical professionalism is to any relationship; in this regard, I can’t say enough about the firm. With an attentive and informed staff, they know how to balance financial necessity and personal privacy. And though the process is ongoing, I have and will continue to promote the firm among those in need."

“I didn’t find Mr. Piemonte until about six years after my initial veterans disability battle began. After spending significant time working with the government to resolve my situation, I sought out Mr. Piemonte to help me settle the matter. At our initial consultation, Mr. Piemonte informed me that most cases like mine usually take between ten to twelve years to be settled. Miraculously, Mr. Piemonte was able to get mine resolved in four. There’s absolutely no way I could have done this on my own. Since the settlement, not only has my life become much easier and more relaxing but I finally have peace of mind. I’m very fortunate to have found Mr. Piemonte and to have had him handle my case. I would recommend him to anyone.”

"When I first contacted the Piemonte Law Firm, I was in the middle of an intense fight with Social Security Disability. Despite being a service connected disabled veteran and letters from my doctors stating that I could not work, I was being told that I would have to see "their" doctors and that the process might take as long as a year. This was after I had exhausted my short term disability so if I did not get social security disability, my family was looking at bankruptcy. The firm made it very easy for me to work with them as I don't travel very easily; they used the phone and email/fax for everything except one meeting that I had to attend at the office. The firm took over the case and I was approved for disability on the first try! In all honesty, they saved both our sanity and our finances. I never had a problem contacting someone if I had a question and I was treated pretty much like part of the family. I would highly recommend them and their fine firm to anyone who needs help with Social Security or with the Veterans Administration." -R.M.

"Mr. Piemonte has literally given me a second chance at a comfortable life. I don't recall who gave me the reference to work with him, but I remember calling the TV advertisers for disability and they all turned me down. Mr. Piemonte did all the work for me b/c my case was complex and difficult. I literally had given up and was living off of family charity when I received a phone call from Mr. Piemonte. He told me "you won". I was shocked and amazed. He never gave up on me and he was always honest with me. My case took longer than many cases I'm sure, but Mr. Piemonte has a reputation for taking on tough situations, and in mine...........He won. I heard from his co-workers that they choose to work for him b/c "he is willing to work for clients in difficult situations". Thank you for everything you did and good luck to all that are fortunate enough to work with the Piemonte staff." -J.J.

“I started my disability claim with Piemonte Law Firm in October of 2011. My first meeting with them they explained what was going to happen and how they would do things. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. The compassion and care they expressed was very comforting to me so I knew I had chosen the right firm to represent me. I made several calls every week to them and not once did they get upset that I was calling so much. Always very kind and answered all of my questions in a kind, professional manner without hesitation. They did all of the leg work. I didn't have to do anything except provide all of the doctors I had seen and was currently seeing and the took it from there. Melissa got me approved without having to go to court . She was fantastic as well as the rest of the staff, Mr Piemonte, Tina Frazer, Karima and everyone else. It was a wonderful experience and would recommend them to anyone and as a matter of fact, I referred someone just the other day. I'm sure they will be able to help her also. Just a wonderful, wonderful experience from start to finish. Oh yes, by the way , I was approved for disability. Thanx to all.”

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